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Published by FT Softball
Jan 02, 2024


1/2/24: Registration opens

1/31/24: Early Bird ($10 savings) Registration ends

2/24/24: Last day to request a Head Coaching position

2/26/24: Head coaches will be notified by the FT Softball Board

3/1/24: Registration closes

3/3/23: Coaches Meeting & Player Selections (coaches only)

Week of 3/4/23: Coaches will email their players' families

3/9/24 - 3/10/24: First practice (weather permitting)

4/6/24: Opening Day!

5/18/24: 8U-14U Tournament (Final game for 6U)

Week of 5/20/24: 8U-14U Summer All-Star Tryouts (information can be found HERE)

*6U (2017-2019) Registration cost is $90 through 1/31; $100 beginning 2/1.

*8U-14U (2009-2016) Registration cost is $130 through 1/31; $140 beginning 2/1.

*There is a $20 discount for each additional registered child.

*Age groups are determined by birth year and can be found HERE

*League rules can be found HERE

*Specific age group rules: 6U  8U  10U  12U & up

*Siblings in the same age group are guaranteed to be on the same team IF registered at the same time. If siblings are registered separately, please send an email to ftsoftball@gmail.com to ensure they are selected together.

*Due to the nature of the player selection, non-sibling team requests are NOT guaranteed.

*Anyone interested in being selected as a Head Coach must send an email to ftsoftball@gmail.com by 
FEBRUARY 24 in order to be considered. Please list any previous coaching experience and let us know why you are interested. Head coaches will be selected by the FT Softball Board and must pass a background check.

*Head coaches may select ONE assistant coach prior to Player Selections. If preferred, an assistant coach may be selected after the team has been selected. Additional assistants may also be chosen at this time.

*The Coaches Meeting/Player Selections will be held on Sunday, March 3 (times TBD) at the Franklin Township Softball fields. Coaches will receive a packet of information, will be informed of the Rules and Expectations for the season, and will select their teams during this time. This event is for coaches only. If an Assistant Coach has been chosen, they are welcome to attend. No players, please.

*Practice days and times will be assigned at the Coaches Meeting. Families will be informed of their practice schedule by their Head Coach.

*The first practice for all teams will be the weekend of March 9-10. Prior to the first game, all teams will have one scheduled weekday practice and one scheduled weekend practice.

*After games begin, 6U teams will no longer hold practice (games will serve as practice). 8U-14 teams will have one scheduled weekday practice.

*Games will be held each Saturday between April 6 and May 11. There will also be games throughout the week, for a total of 10 games.

*Game schedules will be released by March 11.

*8U-14U teams will play a single elimination tournament on May 18.

Please send any additional questions to ftsoftball@gmail.com