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Game Day Coaching Guidelines
Revised 3/10/23

Thank you to all of our coaches for volunteering their time! Below is a list of requests to help with our efforts this season.

Before Game
- If you play the first game of the day, please arrive early enough to line the foul lines and batter's boxes. There will be other coaches and board members around if you have questions or need assistance. Coaches from both teams should work together to prepare the fields.

- Please remind players to keep their personal equipment in their bag when not in use, and to avoid handling the personal items of other players.

- Coaches from both teams will need to assign their score book to a scorekeeper. Scores should be kept by both teams.

During Game
- Respect the directions and rulings given by the umpire. If you have an immediate concern during your game, please call time and approach the umpire to ask for clarification. Do NOT seek out a board member during a game to clarify a rule; coaches are responsible for knowing and understanding all rules. Seeking a rule clarification of someone outside of the playing area, or arguing a call with the umpire or opposing coach will NOT be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the game. If you have concerns that were not addressed during the game, email ftsoftball@gmail.com after the game has concluded.

- Under no circumstances should a coach yell at any player in frustration. This will NOT be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game.

After Game
- After the game, players should quickly gather their belongings and exit the dugout so the teams playing the next game may enter. Gather outside of the dugout with players and parents to discuss the game and the upcoming schedule.

- Once all players have exited the dugout, please check to be sure no trash or personal items were left behind.

- If you are playing the final game of the day, please rake dirt back into holes and low spots, and drag the field before leaving. Coaches from both teams should work together to drag the fields.

- Coaches from both teams need to email scores to ftsoftballrecdirector@gmail.com by the end of game day.

Thank you!
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