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4150 South Bazil Ave
Indianapolis , Indiana
United States 46239
Indy Lightning Travel Softball
Indy Lightning is a Fast Pitch Softball Travel organization based out of the Franklin Township Softball League. The Lightning season begins in August and ends in July.

Tryouts for the teams take place in July/August. Tryouts will be scheduled and led by the coaching staff for each team. Tryouts may be held on one or more dates as determined by the coaching staff.

For the 2024-2025 season, Indy Lightning will field the following teams:

12U-C Schilling 
(birth years 2013 & 2012)
12U-B Martin 
(birth year 2012)
13U-B Huffman  
(birth year 2011)
14U-C Vicars  (birth years 2011 & 2010)
14U-C Morgan  (birth year 2010)
16U-C Twarogal  (birth years 2009 & 2008)
18U-C Storms  (birth years 2007 & 2006)

Each Lightning team will have one Head Coach selected by the FT Softball Board. The Head Coach, once assigned to an age group, will then select their assistant coach or coaches. The Head Coach will be responsible for setting a budget, coordinating with indoor facilities to schedule winter practices, and scheduling tournaments. Each roster and coaching staff will be dissolved at the conclusion of each season.

Practice days and times will be determined by each team's coaching staff. Teams are guaranteed one practice day per week at the Franklin Township Softball fields during the season while weather permits. Additional practice times may be available, based on recreational numbers. Teams are permitted to practice at other outdoor locations, coordinated by the coaching staff. Indoor practices are also coordinated by the coaching staff at a facility of their choice.

Sanctions & Tournaments
Sanction, tournament selection/location, and number of tournaments will be determined by each team's coaching staff. Teams may choose to attend a National Tournament at the conclusion of the season.

Fees are determined by each team's coaching staff. Budgets and all financial transactions will be approved and monitored by the Franklin Township Softball Board. Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities may be available to offset costs.

Please send all questions to ftsoftball@gmail.com.
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