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FT Softball 8U Rules
Revised 3/10/23
1. The playing field shall consist of a maximum of 6 infielders with ALL remaining players standing just inside the infield dirt assuming outfield positions (Right / Right Center / Center/ Left Center / Left).

2. Offensive coaches are allowed at 1st & 3rd base. Two defensive coaches are allowed in the outfield. All coaches on the field during a game must be approved by the FT Softball Board.

3. Pitching distance shall be 35 feet from the back of home plate. Both coaches and players much pitch from the 35 foot pitching rubber.

4. The
1st & 2nd innings of the game will begin with player-pitch. If the pitcher walks 2 batters in an inning (does not have to be in a row), including walks from being hit by a pitch, a coach from the batting team will pitch the remainder of the inning. The pitcher will become a pitcher's helper. The 3rd inning and all subsequent innings will be coach-pitch.

5. During player-pitch, a hit batter will advance to 1st base, and it will be considered a walk for the pitcher. During coach-pitch, a hit batter will not advance to 1st base.

6. During coach-pitch, the batter will receive up to 7 pitches or 3 swinging strikes, whichever comes first. If the 7th or latter pitch is fouled, the batter will receive another pitch. Walks will not be called while a coach is pitching.

7. During coach-pitch, the pitcher’s helper must stand at or behind the pitching rubber, and have one foot inside the pitching circle (the line itself is considered inside the circle)
 when the pitch is delivered to the batter.

8. During coach-pitch, coaches may wear a glove while pitching, and are permitted to catch balls thrown back to the circle by the catcher after a pitched ball. All other throws to the circle must be caught by the pitcher’s helper. When the ball is in play the coach must exit the pitcher’s circle to avoid interfering with the play.

9. If it is deemed by the umpire that a coach inadvertently interfered with a play, a dead ball will be called and all runners will be sent back to their starting positions. If it is deemed by the umpire that a coach intentionally interfered with a play, a dead ball will be called and the lead runner (or batter, if there are no runners) will be called out.

10. Base runners may advance ONE base on an overthrow with ONE overthrow per at bat. The ball is live so base runners may either advance or return to the previous base (at their own risk)Throws from the outfield do not apply.  Throws from the infield to a base, or throws from the infield back to the pitcher do apply. If the ball goes out of play, the runner will get an automatic base advance.

11. The ball is dead when the defensive team
stops the lead runner. Once the lead runner has been stopped, the player with possession of the ball may call time.

12. Run Rule: After 4 innings of play, if one team is leading by 10 runs, the umpire shall call the game (after the home team has been allowed to bat).

* No Bunting

* No Dropped 3rd Strike Rule

* No Stealing of any Base

No Infield Fly Rule

For additional rules, please see FT Softball League Rules-All Divisions.

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