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FT Softball COVID-19 Policy
FT Softball fields are located on the grounds of the Franklin Township Community School Corporation. Therefore, our guidelines follow the guidelines set forth by the school corporation and by the Marion County Health Department.

FT Softball COVID-19 Guidelines
For the safety of all players, parents, and volunteers, the FT Softball Board asks that everyone continues to follow our additional facility guidelines as it relates to COVID-19. Your adherence to these requests will enable the league to have the best opportunity for a complete and full season for our girls!

   - Players should stay home if they have a fever, or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19.
   - Players should keep hand sanitizer in their bag to use for practices and games.
   - Players should always keep their personal equipment in their bag when not in use.
   - Players should avoid handling the personal items of other players.

Thank you for your continued cooperation!

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