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FT Softball 6U Rules
Revised 4/16/24

1. 6U division games are umpired by a coach or parent from the competing teams. Scores are not recorded and there are no division standings.

 A regulation game consists of 3 innings or 1 hour, whichever comes first.

3. All rostered players who are present for the game must be in the batting order and bat each inning. Teams will bat through their entire lineup each inning.

4. Outs shall be called by the coach or parent who is acting as umpire. If 3 outs are obtained prior to the last batter being up to bat, outs will start over. If 3 outs are NOT obtained prior to the last batter being up to bat, the half inning will still be considered complete.

5. Coaches will pitch to their own teams (coaches who are pitching are allowed to wear a glove).

6. Coaches are not required to remain inside the pitching circle when pitching to the batter. The coach may be as close as 25 feet from home plate.

7. Batters will be allowed 3 pitches. If the ball has not been hit into play after 3 pitches, an assistant coach will move the tee to the plate and the batter may swing until contact is made. If the assistant coach needs to assist the batter in order to make contact, they are permitted to do so.

8. The coach that is pitching must make every effort to not interfere with any fielder attempting to make a play.

9. The pitcher’s helper must have one foot inside the pitching circle (the line itself is considered in the circle) when the pitch is delivered to the batter. They may start anywhere inside the circle, but must not interfere with the coach pitching.

10. All players must play in the field each inning with no player required to stand in the outfield grass.

11. Every effort should be made to keep the game moving as quickly as possible. Having an assistant coach stand behind the catcher to pick up missed balls and hand back to the catcher, and be ready to place the tee if needed is highly recommended.

 * Bases are set at 50 feet

 * Stealing bases is NOT allowed

 * No Bunting

 * Batter will NOT advance to first base if hit by a pitch

 * Runners may not leave base until the ball is hit

For additional rules, please see FT Softball League Rules-All Divisions.

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