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FT Flashes Alliance Softball
Alliance Softball is an additional opportunity for Franklin Township Softball Recreational players to be on a team in which the players participate in additional practices and games, while competing against other leagues in a more competitive environment. Any player who is selected for an Alliance team is also required to register for the FT Softball Fall and/or Spring Recreational Season, as the Alliance season is played simultaneously as the Recreational seasons. Alliance Softball is not a SUBSTITUTION for the Rec season, but rather should SUPPLEMENT the Rec Season. The Alliance season begins in August and ends in June. 

Alliance tryouts are held in late July or early August. Tryouts will be specific to each age group and only players from the same age group will participate in tryouts together. Tryouts may be held on one or more dates as determined by the evaluation staff. The evaluation process will include skills, drills, and possibly scrimmage game(s). If a player is unable to attend a tryout, a private tryout may be scheduled.

FT Softball will field 1 team in each of the following age groups:

(birth years 2015 & 2016)
(birth years 2013 & 2014)
 (birth years 2011 & 2012)
(birth years 2009 & 2010)

Each team will include 11-12 players. The Head Coach will select players for each team based on evaluations, as well as recommendations from previous Recreational, Alliance, and/or All-Star coaches. Factors in selection will include but not be limited to, ability, attitude, availability, and team needs.

Each Alliance team will have one Head Coach selected by the FT Softball Board. The Head Coach, once assigned to an age group, will then select their assistant coach or coaches. The Head Coach will be responsible for setting a budget, coordinating with indoor facilities to schedule winter practices, and scheduling games. Each roster and coaching staff will be dissolved after the conclusion of each season.

Teams will practice 1 time per week at the Franklin Township Softball fields from August-October. Generally, teams will take a break during the months of November and December, and then begin to practice 1 time per week at an indoor facility beginning in January. Outdoor practices typically begin in March, weather permitting. When scheduling Fall and Spring Alliance practices, every attempt will be made to not interfere with a player's Recreational practice, but if this is not possible, players may alternate practices each week.

Fall Alliance games are played from September-October, and Spring games are played from April-June. All games will be double headers and played on Sunday's. Alliance games will not interfere with FT Softball Recreational games, which are held on Saturday's.
All games will be held at locations less than 90 minutes from the FT Softball Facility.

Alliance fees are separate from Fall and Spring Recreational registration fees and may include (but not limited to) items such as team uniforms, winter practice facilities, additional equipment, and umpire fees for games. Budgets and fees will be determined by each head coach, and approved and monitored by the FT Softball Board. Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities may be available to offset costs. Please contact ftsoftball@gmail.com with specific questions regarding fees.

Player Expectations
Players are encouraged to attend all practices to learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational softball, and all other aspects of the game. Additionally, players will use each of these improved skills on the playing field. Minimum game play requirement for each player is 1 at bat, and a minimum of 2 innings (6 outs) in the field per game. A positive and respectful attitude toward all coaches, umpires, teammates, and opposing teams is expected at all times. Alliance players are representing the Franklin Township Softball Recreational Program, and poor attitudes and/or sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

Parent Expectations
Alliance Softball is a voluntary program which does not guarantee equal playing time for all players. The environment is more competitive than Recreational softball, therefore playing time requirements are not as restrictive. Playing time, defensive alignment, and batting order is always determined by the Head Coach. Determinations are based on the most conducive line-up for scoring runs, pitching and catching experience, and overall defensive ability and effort. Negative comments toward players, coaches and umpires will NOT be tolerated and may result in the head coach asking a parent to leave a practice or game. 

Please send all questions to ftsoftball@gmail.com.

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