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FT Softball Rec League Rules - ALL DIVISIONS
Revised 3/10/23

1. ONLY 
the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and additional assistants assigned by the head coach are permitted on the field and in dugouts during a game.

All players must wear the league jersey and softball pants in order to play a game. Borrowed players may wear a different colored jersey, but must still wear softball pants. All jerseys are to be tucked in.
   - Jeans / shorts are not allowed
   - Jewelry is not allowed
   - Metal cleats are not allowed
   - Long sleeve shirts or jackets are to be worn under game jerseys so that player number is visible

3. All players must wear a face mask during practices and games. All batters/runners must be wearing a helmet when exiting the dugout and keep their helmet on until they re-enter the dugout.

4. A regulation game shall consist of 6 innings or 1 hour 10 minutes, whichever comes first. A new inning will not begin after the time limit of 1 hour 10 minutes has elapsed. Innings in progress should be finished unless the home team is batting and they are in the lead. During regular season games, if teams are tied when time has expired, the game will result in a tie; During tournament play the USSSA International Tiebreaker rule will be used (see below)
NOTE: 6U division plays only three innings.

International Tie-Breaker Rule  (Tournament Only)
During tournament games, if the teams are tied when time expires, the following procedures shall apply:
At the start of the inning in which the tie-breaker rule is used, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning being placed on second base (e.g., if the number 5 batter is the lead off batter, the number 4 batter in the batting order will be placed on second base). The umpire and the scorekeeper will determine that the proper runner has been placed at second base and the inning shall begin."

5. Both teams shall maintain their own separate books and there shall be no coaching by the scorekeeper at any time. Umpires are the official timekeepers.

6If a game is called by an umpire for any reason, the game will be considered complete and the score will stand if
3 or more innings have been played.
NOTE: 6U division games are complete after 2 innings.

7. A minimum of 8 players are required to be present for a game to begin. If an 8th player has not arrived by 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, the game will be declared a forfeit.* Games which have started shall not be continued if, for any reason, either team has less than 6 players.
NOTE: Does not apply to 6U division.

8. All players who are present will be in the batting order, and all players will bat even if they are not playing in the field at the time. Players who are not present at the start of the game shall be placed at the bottom of the batting order. When the player arrives, the coach shall inform the scorekeeper from both teams.

9. All on-deck batters are required to wear a helmet and stand between 1st or 3rd base on their respective side.

10. Bat throwing is NOT permittedThe first time a bat is thrown, the umpire will notify the scorekeeper that the team has received its first warning. The second time a bat is thrown, the player who threw the bat is called out. This is a judgment call by the umpire.
NOTE: This rule is applicable to the team, and not the individual player. The second player to throw a bat is called out regardless if another player received the first warning.

11. If a player is unable to bat due to illness or injury, the scorekeepers from both teams shall be informed so the player can be bypassed in the batting order. This will NOT result in an out, and the player is permitted to return to the lineup with no penalty assessed.

12. Teams may score only 6 runs in any one inning.

EXCEPTION: There is no run rule in the 6th inning.
NOTE: 6U Division does not record scores.

13. No intentional walks are permitted.  This is a judgment call by the umpire. If the umpire deems that a walk was intentional, the umpire shall eject the pitcher’s coach from the game. The ejected coach must submit an explanation for his/her actions to the board, in writing, within 24 hours.

14. All players must play a minimum of every other inning on defense.

15. If a team will not have enough players to play a game, they may borrow a player who is registered and paid for the current season of rec softball in the Franklin Township Softball League.
   The borrowed player MUST be from the age division directly below the team borrowing the player.
   The borrowed player is NOT allowed to pitch.  
A borrowed player cannot replace a regular team player in the infield.
A borrowed player must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

   - A maximum of 3 players may be borrowed from the younger league.
   - When using borrowed players, the total number of players on the team cannot exceed 10. 

16. All teams are allowed 4 events per week per team. This includes practices, games, batting cage, etc. Exceptions will be made if practices and/or games are rescheduled due to weather conditions.

17. Anyone 17 or under helping on the field during a game MUST wear a helmet.

18. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS OF FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP SOFTBALL. Board members reserve the right to ask that a pet be removed.



21. All coaches and parents are to park in the designated parking areas. Please avoid parking in areas that are reserved for handicapped parking and/or board member parking.

*unless an exception is made by the Board of Directors

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